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Streeters is   a little shop with lots of personalized service. Founder George Streeter  has 40+ years experience in treasure hunting  and selling treasure hunting & gold prospecting supplies. Streeter   has organized clubs, forums, hunts, an annual convention for treasure hunters, is  editor and publisher  of  Treasure Hunter’s Gazette newspaper and organizes Caribbean Treasure hunting adventures for customers. Streeters is open Mon – Sat  10:am to around 5:pm and Sundays noon to 5:pm.  We do appointments at any hour of day or night.  We do lots of mail order, however prefer one on one in shop with a customer. Our policy is educate customers to make sure they get the best merchandise  suited for their purpose.   We welcome your feedback about our  store, website, Society, BONE  and welcome questions about our product lines. please call 603-876-4443 or use our contact form.

We are a Multi Line Discount Metal Detector Dealer and sell Minelab, Garrett, White’s, Fisher, XP  and DetectorPro.  Established in 1973, Streeters has  years of experience in selling & using metal detectors and gold prospecting equipment. Streeter   organizes 3 Caribbean adventure treasure hunting trips for customers a year. Our Discount Pricing Structure is designed to equalize machines with like features and performance, for all manufacturers.  In doing so, no matter which detector you purchase, you will always receive maximum value for the money you spend. You can also email us or George at at Streeters publishes the  Treasure Hunter’s Gazette newspaper and started the Professional Treasure Hunter’s Historical Society and the annual Best O’ North East Treasure Hunters Conference.  Please visit and see a remarkable place and meet a remarkable treasure hunter George “Sea Hunter” Streeter. 

  Streeters  gives live instructions, answers questions and each metal detector sales comes with a Professional Treasure Hunters Historical Society membership, a Treasure Hunters Gazette newspaper subscription and an invitation to attend the annual  Best O’ North East treasure week. BONE  #24 in 2017 and #25 in 2018. BONE is  every last full weekend in April in the   Keene, NH area.