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Professional Treasure Hunter’s Historical Society, North East Metal Detecting Forum (  

Treasure Hunter’s Gazette newspaper, Forum & Streeter

BONE Treasure Hunter’s & Prospectors Week

April 26 – 30, 2017  in Keene,  Dublin, & Peterborough, NH areas.

Advance cover charges and some events sell out

$300  5 day package (all events) until 4/1/17

Wed. & Thur. Rte 123 S, Peterborough, NH  $60 each & openings available

Fri. Dublin Christian Academy Natural Hunt  $60 each & openings available

SOLD OUT  Thursday 7:pm Chinese Dine Out @ Lee & Mt Fuji in Marlborough, NH (note! included with 5 day package or $25.00 each & presently SOLD OUT.

Friday “all you can eat” Roast Pork get together banquet with introductions and many Minelab door prizes including a metal detector. Again @ Italian Club, Wood St., Keene, NH.  5pm  Social with a cash Bar & free snacks & punch.   7:30pm meal.  :All you can eat does  not include take home”  $25.00 each advance to 4/15/17  and if available $30 at door.

April 29 8:30 to 3:30 Saturday  Treasure Hunters & Prospectors Hobby Show $10 each & includes show, all workshops, & a door prize drawing. The PTHHS rents from  Keene, NH the multi purpose room & a room for workshops @ 312 Washington St.

BONE 24 workshops in room 22 

8:30am CT Todd mini XP Deus boot camp. Bring your XP 
10:00am Anderson Metal Detector Shafts
11:00:am Minelab Americas and Debbie Smikoski
12:00 Chris Redmond identifying virgin metal detecting woodland sites and general research.
1:00pm Terry Smith & relic hunting
2:00pm Colonial Farm Field Tactics, CT Todd

 Hobby show with Manufacture, distributor, inventor, individual, & clubs, metal detector finds, prospecting equipment & a ICMJ Gold Panning contest, a charity Silent Auction (witha  Minelab Excalibur II land and underwater metal detector, a Minelab Go Find 60 metal detector, a Garrett AT Pro metal detector, and a black Fisher T2 metal detector . Auction tickets are $20 for a book of  tickets or 3 books $50 

Saturday night, 5:30 social & 7:30pm Treasure Hunters Hall of Fame Prime Rib Awards  Banquet with speakers, door prizes & more @ Italian Club, 90 Wood St., Keene, NH. Social cash bar  5pm & meal  7:30 p  $35.00 each advance cover. PTHHS & BONE Awards;

Metal Detector of Year = Minelab CTX 3030

Treasure Hunter of the Year = Jim Doray & Paul Fucillo

Treasure Magazine of Year = American Digger

Prospecting magazine of year = ICMJ

Club of Year = Long Island Treasure Hunters

24th Best of North East Hall of Fame winners

Debbie Smikoski, Minelab’s North American, Leslie IL
Allyson Cohen writer, Berlin, CT
Laura Kucharcyzk, Southington, CT
Raven Schwan-Noble,
BONE photographer , North Hero, VT

Anita & Butch   Holcombe & American Digger magazine , Acworth, GA
Julianne Karbonik , (youngest to receive award), Cumberland, MD

David Bailey, Alstead, NH

Norman Messier, West Charleston, VT

Gary Douglas, Wells, ME

Tony Browning, Winchester, VA
Joe Tessandori, Winchester, VA
Curt Bruso, St Aubans, VT
Robert & Norm Salter, BONE aria photographers

Nick  & Dale Rudy, Westminster West, VT
Ronald Kiesewetter, Amherst, NH
David Nolan, Hopewell, NY
Terry Smith, Texas Relic Hunters Assoc.

Henry Phillips, Hudson, NH
Jay Verberg, Red Creek, NY

Ron “Gold Digger” DeGhetto, Raritan, NJ

Keith Zorger, White’s Mid Atlantic, Harrisburg, PA

Pete Anderson, Canada

Sunday $6,000 seeded hunt in Marlborough, NH settlement land.  $3,000+ in old coins buried with 10 tokens worth $150 and includes  Minelab, Garrett, White’s metal detectors.   End of hunt is free hunters drawing  for a $1,000 treasure chest.   $125 advance cover to 4/1/17 & then   $150 each until sold out. Sunday meet near 179 Frost Hill Rd in oldest section of Marlborough, NH, Look for BONE   Sign in: 9:30a & hunt is 11;am to 1:00pm.  Following Seeded Hunt is the free drawing for treasure hunters for a $1,000 treasure chest.

Following the hunt near 179 Frost Hill Rd in Marlborough, NH

is the BONE Charity Raffle drawing. First prize a $2,495 Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector or $1,000. Second prize a Minelab Go Find 60 “with bluetooth” metal detector. To purchase covers charge (s) or raffle tickets with credit card, call Streeters in Marlborough, NH 603-876-4443. Or 2 options: mail a check with your name, address, phone, email and what you are registering up for,   or pay at
   Notice! Wed & Thur. Natural hunts are full & still openings for Friday Nat’ Hunt

Natural Hunts (nothing planted)

8:30a meet Hunt Master Brian Thomas & Security Howard Johnson, Wed& Thur 8:30am at hunt site in Peterborough, NH Rte 123 S  near Rosaly’s Farm Stand.

Friday 8:30am meet Brian & Howard at Dublin Christian Academy on Page Road in Dublin, NH and Hunt is 9:30am to  5:pm with a free hot dog noontime lunch

NATURAL HUNT daily sponsors

Wednesday;  White’s Metal detector  Natural Hunt.   Tony Brogna of Whites and see the White’s show and sell.   a  free hot dog & chili noon time lunch. sold out

Thursday = Garrett metal Detector Natural Hunt with Door prizes. Free hot dog noontime lunch  Chris Redmond with Rudy & Good will cook hot dogs on a grill. Some of the expenses were donated & there will be a donation jar.  sold out

SOLD OUT  Thursday = 7:00pm  Chinese Dineout @ Lee & Mt Fuji, NH  @ Rte 101 across from Streeters in Marlborough, NH.

 Minelab Americas Natural metal detector hunt at Dublin Christian Academy.   Minelab door prizes. For lunch a Barbeque grill and Chris Redmond and  Nick & Dale Rudy  will cook hot dogs. Some of the expense were donated & there will be a donation jar. $60 each advance

Friday night 5:30p social & Minelab Get together, all you can eat Roast Pork banquet  $30 @ door =  5:pm social & cash bar & 7:30 “all you can eat does not include take home” . Door prizes & speakers at Italian Club, end of  Wood St. (use rear entrance,) Keene, NH

Saturday Hobby show, 312 Washington St.,@ Keene, N.H. Recreation Center, 8:30am to 3:00pm $10 cover charge 1/2 price under 12 or over 76.  Also  a Silent Chinese Auction, 6 Workshops including 8:30 am   CT  Todd mini  XP Deus boot camp. Also @ show meet  Glenn  “Doc: Watson,   “Tree man” Henry Phillips & White’s of Mid Atlantic,  Nutmeg Treasure Hunters, Debbie of  Minelab North America,   Pete Anderson from Anderson Detector Shafts in Canada, Chris Redmon, Jay Verberg, Jim Doray, the Gold Digger and others.  Noon time Yankee Gold Panner and ICMJ panning contest.  Many metal detector find displays.  The  Best Finds contest is for finds found in USA since April 20, 2016 Contest (turn in find 10:00am & judging @ noon).  Charity  Chinese Auction NEEDS items!! Already donated “$1499 Minelab Excalibur II under water and land metal detector, a Minelab Go 60 Find metal detector, a Fisher T2 & a Garrett AT Pro.  A block of 26 tickets including a $50 door prize ticket available at Hobby Show for $20 for book of tickets or 3 books  for $50.00.  9:00 am – 3:oopm sales  & winners selected  @  3:pm

Saturday night  Hall of Fame Awards banquet, Italian Club (rear entrance) 5:pm social & a bar and meal 7:30 with Awards,  speakers and prizes.  $35 each advance cover charge & it always sells out.

Sunday $6,000 Seeded Metal detector Hunt $3,000 in old coins including Reales & 10 tokens worth minimum $150 & maximum of $700   buried in field  near 179  Frost Hill Rd, Marlborough, NH. Sunday 9:30am sign in & hunt 11:00am  t0 1:00pm, After hunt there is a $1,000 treasure chest drawing. $125 each cover charge until 4/1/17 & then $150 until sell out.

BONE also raises $$ for St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Wounded Warriors, & Dublin Christian Academy. BONE is organized with help from the Professional Treasure Hunters Historical Society, Treasure Hunters Gazette newspaper, North East Metal Detecting Forum and with donations from  Minelab, White’s, Garrett, Fisher, Detector Pro, Streeters,  Anderson Rods and others.

BONE 24 Charity Raffle Fund Raiser

1st prize either a $2499. Minelab CTX 3030 (under water & or land metal detector or $1,000.

2nd prize a Minelab Go Find 60 metal detector

Ticket donation $5 each or  5 for $20

(Sell 100 tickets and you are in a $100 prize drawing)

3 days Natural hunts on settlement lands

a few spots available

Wed & Thus. Natural Hunt location in Peterborough, NH on NH Rte 123 S and by Farm stand see  BONE sign

 8:30am Natural Hunts, meet Hunt master Brian Thomas & Security Howard Johnson for sign in and hunt  9:30am – 5:00pm Lunch break at noon. A Plaque for Best Find of the 3 day hunt.  Turn in find for 3 day natural hunt’s Best Find contest judging before 4/29/17 to George Streeter.

SOLD OUT  Thursday night Chinese Dine Out @ Lee & Mt Fuji in Marlborough, NH 

Friday night, All you can eat Roast Pork Banquet Get Together $30 @ door

Saturday April 29  hobby show 8:30am to 3:00pm, Keene Recreation Center 312 Washington St., Keene, NH. $10 cover, includes 9 work shops. 1/2 price for under 12 & 75+    FREE to Service men & women in Uniform or if in WHEELCHAIR.  Treasure hunting & gold prospecting workshops,  ICMJ gold panning contest with prospectors Bob Price & Craig Gifford,   Chinese Auction with a Minelab Excalibur & other metal detectors & worthy  items. $20 for book of 26 chances including one for $50 door prize or three books for $50.00. A best finds contest with Joe Audette.  Hobby show & workshops cover charge $10.

Saturday night, April 29 BONE 24 Hall of Fame Award’s banquet with Prime Rib . $35 each advance cover charge until sold out.

Speakers, lots of door prizes including a metal detector. Being Inducted into our Treasure Hunters Hall of Fame and attending to accept award, Debbie Smikoski of Minelab,  our first teenager Juliane Karbonik, our first twins Norm & Robert Salter,  Raven Schwan-Noble, Terry Smith of Texas Relic Hunters and Professional Treasure Hunter’s Society members; Allyson Cohen, Laura Kucharczyk, Tony Browning, Joe Tessandori, David Bailey, Curt Bruso, Nick & Dale Rudy, David Nolan, Gary Douglas, Henry Phillips, Jay Verberg, Ronald Kiesewetter, metal detector dealer Ronnie DeGhetto, Norman Messier,  Keith Zorger, Pete Anderson and unable to attend & going into Hall of Fame Anita & Butch Holcombe of American Digger magazine



Paul Fucillo and Jim Doray


SUNDAY $6,000  seeded hunt  & free $1,000 treasure chest drawing for hunters is $125.00

Rules! No PI Detectors,  Hunters must use headphones or run no volume, carry a trash bag & no shovels wader then 8″.

Seeded Hunt $125  advance cover charge  until sold out.

Professional Treasure Hunter member 5 day BONE 24 package  is $300 each to 4/1/17

 PTHHS membership is $25 a year.  2 year renewal before old membership expires is $25 or 10 years for $99.

Wed & Thur Natural Hunts sold out

Thursday dine out  sold out

Friday all you can eat roast pork get together banquet,  $30   until sold out

Hobby show & workshops $10.00 each. 1/2 price kids under 12, 80+ free to servicemen in uniform or anyone in a wheelchair

Saturday night Prime Rib Awards banquet $35.00 each until sold out

Sunday BONE 24 $6,000 National Seeded metal detector hunt cover charge  $125.00 until sold out


BONE 24 Raffle Prizes

1st a $2499. Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector or $1,000

2nd Minelab Go Find 60 metal detector

Raffle Drawing April 30 2017 at BONE Hunt in Marlborough, NH

Raffle Tickets $5 each or 5 for $20. Sell $100 & you’re in a $100 drawing

 you do not have to be present to win”

 BONE 24 prices and details, subject to change, if questions email

Make check  payable to PTHHS and mail to PTHHS,

307 Main St., Marlborough, NH 03455

Credit card payment via George Streeter 603 876 4443

also  can use Pay Pal

any questions, email  Streeter

not responsible for errors or omissions