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BONE 25 FIVE DAYS April 25 to 29, 2018

No Hunt Zone

Above 2017 hunt area! Our thanks to Charles Bass and the Bass family  for letting members of the  Professional Treasure Hunters  to hunt your  family’s fields & woods of several estates dating back to the early 1700s.     Congressman Charles Bass owns several metal detectors  and likes his Minelab CTX 3030 the best and he has a few questions about it and his AT Pro.   Even though he could hunt his land until he dropped, he knows he could not cover it all and   offered the land to us in exchange, if we  documented & preserved historic finds, for him to continue to be receive  the Treasure Hunter’s Gazette.  Congressman Bass  wanted to know  what was found of value and where was it found. Thus the reprint of map above.  The congressman  commutes  between Peterborough & Washington DC, and we we knew chances were slim he could attend the BONE 24 Natural hunt  on his and his & relatives land. We apologize  to all who showed up, offering help. Charles H Bass  is on Face Book,and I have asked  Jason Sevene,  Chris Redmond and Jim Doray,  to still offer him some help.  My apology Congressman Bass, you  have our respect, however, you are one of us  and  to many of us, you will always be Charles.


 Professional Treasure Hunter’s Historical Society, Treasure  Hunter’s Gazette, Streeters  &  North East Metal Detecting Forum ( )  presents

   25th Best O’ North East Treasure Hunter’s         & Prospectors Week  in the Keene, NH area  

5 days April 25 Wednesday through Sunday  April 29, 2018  

         Things may change

Until sold out  BONE #25  package cover charge for all events for members  is $350 and 12/31/17   increases to  $400.

 Daily   Natural Hunts for Pre-registered hunters, meet Brian Thomas   8:30am @ hunt location.  Nothing planted except a gold coin and hunts are superseded by a raffle fund raiser. Hunts are  9:00 am to 5:00 pm  and includes a hot dog lunch at noon.

Natural Hunts are advance  $100 each or 3 for $200 

Wednesday  April 25  X P & White’s  Natural Hunt


April 25 supper $50 each advance  & Monte Carlo with great prizes

 Thursday April 26, 2018   Garrett  NaturaL Hunt

 Thursday Night  $25 each advance  Lee & Mt Fuji  CHINESE DINE OUT

Friday April 27, 2018  Minelab Natural Hunt Day & door prizes to all using  a Minelab metal detector

APRIL 27 $25 each advance  Friday Night  “all you can eat” Minelab & Streeter’s Roast Pork get together banquet w’ speakers & door prizes. 5pm social & meal 7:30pm

 Saturday April 28 8:30 to 3:30 Treasure Hunters & Prospectors Hobby Show $5 each ($1 if under 12. over 75, in uniform or wheelchair) Includes workshops and demonstrations in hall,  Hobby Show   workshops to be announced and held at @ the Keene, NH Recreation Center, 312 Washington St., 03431

 April 28th   Hobby show with Manufacturer, distributor, inventor, individual,  clubs,   metal detector finds, prospecting equipment & a noon Best Finds Contest and a ICMJ Gold Panning contest, all day charity Silent Auction (including Minelab, Fisher, Garrett metal detectors) .

  Silent Auction tickets $20 for a book of  25 tickets or 3 books for $50. Ticket must be present to win & drawings start @ 3:pm

At the BONE # 25 Seeded Hunt Brian & Logan Thomas  bury   1,500+ old coins (approx.  $3,500 in value & purchased from Rare Coins of NH) & 15  tokens. 14 tokens worth minimum $100 each and one is a guarantee   GOLD COIN

Seeded Hunt Cover charge $125. LOCATION to be Announced. Remember Car Pooling helps.  

 9:30am hunt register Hunt 11:am to 1:30pm.   Awarding token  prizes and the $10 a drawing (each paid hunter receives 1 free $10 ticket and additional tickets are $10 each. Winner receives   choice of either   $1,000 cash  or a $1,500 treasure chest (includes a MD) 

After Hunt is Professional Treasure Hunters Historical Society Charity fund raiser raffle prize drawings

             First prize  Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector or **$1,000.

Second prize   Minelab Go Find 60 “with bluetooth” metal detector.

To purchase BONE covers charge or raffle tickets with credit card, call Streeters in Marlborough, NH 603-876-4443,  You can use Pay Pal or mail a check with your name, address, phone, email and  registration information  to PTHHS, 307 Main St, Marlborough, NH 03455


2 N.H. hunt locations in Chesham & Sharon 

 Natural Hunts for members only    $75  for one day  or 3 days for $200

 April 25,2018  Wednesday = White’s  day Natural Hunt

5pm  steak or lobster supper and a monte carlo night

April 25, 2018   Thursday = Garrett day Natural Hunt

7:30pm  a Chinese Dine out (BONE pays for food & each buys drinks)

April 27 FRIDAY!!  Minelab Day with a rep from Minelab attending. Natural metal detector hunt  Meet  Debbie Smikoski and  door prize to all using a Minelab.

April 27 Friday night Minelab & Streeters Get together all you can eat Roast Pork banquet with door prizes

April 28 Saturday!! 8:30AM to 3:30pm Treasure Hunters Hobby show & sale with workshops, contests, demostrations.

April 28 Saturday night 5pm social Treasure Hunters Hall of Fame prime rib Awards banquet.

April 29   BONE Seeded Hunt with a $1,000 treasure chest drawing

April 29 following seeded hunt

BONE 25 Charity Raffle fund raiser drawing

#1  Minelab CTX 3030 or $1,000

#2 a  $300 value metal detector


    Metal Detector of 2017 = Minelab CTX 3030

Treasure Hunter’s of the 2017 = Jim Doray & Paul Fucillo
Treasure Magazine of 2017 = American Digger
Prospecting magazine of 2017 = ICMJ 
Club of 2017 = Long Island Treasure Hunters
24th Best of North East Hall of Fame Inductees 

Debbie Smikoski, Allyson Cohen, Laura Kucharczyk, Raven Schwan-Noble, Anita & Butch Holcombe, Juliana Karbonik,  David BaileyNorman Messier,  Gary B Douglas, Tony Browning, Joe Tessandori, Curt Bruso, twin’s Robert & Norm Salter,  husband &wife Nick & Dale Rudy, Ronald Kiesewetter, David Nolan, Terry Smith from Texas, Jay Verburg,  Ron DeGhetto, Keith Zorger, Pete Anderson & Ryan Fazekas  

To purchase 2018 covers charge or raffle tickets with credit card, either pay pal or call Streeters in Marlborough, NH 603-876-4443.  or mail a check with your name, address, phone, email and what you are registering  for to PTHHS, 307 Main St, Marlborough, NH 03455


    BONE  raises $$ for St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital & Wounded Warriors & Dublin Christian Academy.

BONE  is organized with help from the Professional Treasure Hunters Historical Society, Treasure Hunters Gazette newspaper,  and with donations from  Minelab, White’s, Garrett, Fisher, Streeters,  Anderson Rods and others.


Jessie & Kim Thompson

dedication made winers

a first year PTHHS membership is $25  and a 2 year renewal is $25.oo