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2018 Best O’ North East Treasure Hunter’s Conference #25 April 24 to 29

No Hunt Zone

Above 2017 hunt area! Our thanks to Charles Bass and the Bass family  for letting members of the  Professional Treasure Hunters  to hunt your  family’s fields & woods of several estates dating back to the early 1700s.     Congressman Charles Bass owns several metal detectors  and likes his Minelab CTX 3030 the best and he has a few questions about it and his AT Pro.   Even though he could hunt his land until he dropped, he knows he could not cover it all and   offered the land to us in exchange, if we  documented & preserved historic finds, for him to continue to be receive  the Treasure Hunter’s Gazette.  Congressman Bass  wanted to know  what was found of value and where was it found. Thus the reprint of map above.  The congressman  commutes  between Peterborough & Washington DC, and we we knew chances were slim he could attend the BONE 24 Natural hunt  on his and his & relatives land. We apologize  to all who showed up, offering help. Charles H Bass  is on Face Book,and I have asked  Jason Sevene,  Chris Redmond and Jim Doray,  to still offer him some help.  My apology Congressman Bass, you  have our respect, however, you are one of us  and  to many of us, you will always be Charles.



25th BONE  (6 days  if register before 12/31/17)

If  signing up after  12/31/17 its only 5 days and  $4oo until sold out

        #25 in memory of  long time members Howard Johnson & Gerry Decatur

BONE is organized  by the Professional Treasure Hunters and Streeter’s, Marlborough, NH

Thank you Brian & Kyle for your hunt help.   So far all BONE 25 lands have been loaned to us and we will gave each land owner   a free metal detector.  Land  loaned  with the it remains the same and no damage is left and all found items are disposed of properly.   Special box for Historical Society.

Tue & Wed natural hunts, Mountain Rd., Sharon, NH. Note!!! car pooling with 4 wheel drive helps or pickups help. Meet hunt committee at  Sharon Arts Center in Sharon, NH. Road across the street is Old Mountain Rd and best suited for 4 wheel drive & pick ups. And if need be George & Elaine will provide rides for $5 each in morning. Lunch is part of hunt and George and Elaine & maybe Kyle  will be serving  hot dogs and water for lunch. Its always nice when additional condiments, salads or chips are donated for lunch.

Wed night meal now barbeque and Monte Carlo

Thur.  & Fri natural Hunts  in maybe soggy fields and absolutely no driving or trying to park or turn around  in any  field!!, (which could be swampy), Wearing or bringing boots is a great idea). Only those paying advance $350 cover charge can hunt in Tuesday’s  hunt. Only those paying natural hunt cover charges for  Wed, Thur.  or  Friday’s. Natural Hunts can participate  $75 each hunt  or 3 for $200 and 1/2 price for Kids under 16, kids over  76 and if in uniform.   Because it looks bad, try not to use too big of a shovel. Fill in all holes seen and take any trash you find or be tarred and feathered. David Moran will have a box at each site for donations for historical society.

If any questions or for credit card call George  Streeter 603/876-4443