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Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II

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Find more rings and less trash with Garrett’s new Sea Hunter Mark II. The Mark II boasts a unique, groundbreaking technology in the form of a patented Discrete Trash Elimination mode that discriminates unlike any conventional pulse induction (PI) detector.

Avoiding trash at the expense of valuable targets has long been a problem of conventional PI detectors.

But now, thanks to the microprocessor-driven, Sea Hunter Mark II, you can exclude trash items from detection with little or no effect on targets with a similar conductivity. This sophisticated detector boasts an enhanced discrimination mode, in addition to a standard one, which enables it to differentiate between targets precisely. Simply switch on the Sea Hunter II’s Discrete Trash Elimination mode, set the dial to eliminate pulltabs from detection and you’ll still receive signals from most thin gold rings. This unique search mode helps you to zero in on valuable treasure without digging up a lot of trash.

Technical Specifications:
Microprocessor Controlled, Pulse Induction Operating System
Automatic Cancellation of Salt and Ground Minerals
Frequency – 750 Pulsation Per Second (PPS)
Submersible to 200 Feet (65 Meters)
Full Range Discrimination
Audio Target Alert Indication
Submersible Underwater Headphones
Dual Discrimination Modes
Standard Discrimination Mode
Conventional Pulse Detection.
Constant Audio Threshold.
Slight or Weak audio signals indicate Small or Deep Targets.
Loud, Strong signals indicate Large or shallow Targets.
This offers the deepest detection possible and is particularly useful in areas where little trash is experienced.
Discrete Discrimination Mode
Sea Hunter Mark II Exclusive Feature.
It is similar in operation to detectors with Motion Discrimination.
It provides more enhanced and precise target discrimination.
Constant Audio Threshold until an acceptable target is encountered.
It then gives a sharp audio response characteristic of motion detectors.
This Unique Feature is especially useful in areas of high trash concentration.
Buoyancy: Near Neutral

Battery Data:
Automatic Battery Check
8 AA Batteries – Included
Sealed Battery Compartment –
Externally Accessible
Operating Time Approximately 24 Hours
Searchcoil – Nominal 9 Inch, Epoxy Filled
Optional Searchcoil – 9″x13″, Epoxy Filled
3-Piece Stem Design
Electronic Housing Mounting Locations
(Long Stem or Short Stem Diving)
Above Stem
Below Stem
Beneath Cuff
Off Stem – Waist-/Chest-Mount
Pouch Included
Operating Controls (3):
Power, Standard Discrimination
Mode, Discrete Discrimination Mode
Discrimination (Target Elimination) –
Fully Adjustable
Audio – 10-Turn (Precise Adjustment)
Threshold Control
Operating weight:
Control Housing – 31 oz.
Headphones – 11 oz.
Scuba Mate Stem/Coil Assembly –33 oz.
Long Stem/Coil Assembly – 42 oz.
Instructional Video
1 Year Warranty

Made in USA

Instructional Video

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Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II

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Weight 10 lbs
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