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Garrett GTI 2500

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The GTI 2500 is the series’ star player with an extraordinary number of advanced features unlike any available in today’s market. The GTI 2500 boasts a true All-Metal Deepseeking mode that provides above-average detection depth and features Garrett’s exclusive Treasure Talk™ feature, which announces target information and detector settings verbally. Special software makes the GTI 2500 compatible with the Treasure Hound Depth Multiplier with EagleEye™ Pinpointing and the 12″ Imaging coil so it can detect targets at depths other detectors can’t reach.

Pro Package includes 9.5” and 12.5” imaging coils, Supreme GTI Custom carrying case, headphones, instruction video & book, and a Garrett Cap.

Technical Specifications
DSP Microprocessor Controlled Operating System
Enhanced PowerMaster Circuitry
LCD Graphic Target Imaging/Treasure Vision –Size and Depth Matrix
LCD Graphic Target Analyzer
24 Notch Discrimination
Sharp Audio Target Response
Target Size Data
Ramrod Stem Design with Armrest
Hipmounting of Battery Pack
Waterproof Elastomeric Membrane Touchpads
Imaging Searchcoil Series – 9.5″ and 12.5″
Optional Interchangeable Non-Imaging
Searchcoils – 4.5″ and 5″x10″
Optional Pinpointing Depth Multiplier – Part number 1611800
Automatic Pinpointing – Non Motion
True Coin Depth Reading
Factory Reset
LCD Battery Condition Indicator – 5 Levels
8 AA Batteries
Operating Weight: 4 lb., 10 oz
2 Year Warranty
Instructional Video
Spanish Instructions Available

Menu Selections:
6 Operating Modes: Non Motion/All Metal, Coin, Jewelry, Relics, Zero, Custom
Sensitivity Adjustment
Threshold Adjustment
Tone Adjustment
Volume Adjustment
Manual Ground Balance
8 Detection Frequencies
Surface Elimination
Search Image

Search Aids:
One Touch Operation
Last Target Recall
Last Mode Recall
Audio Mode Selection
Salt Elimination
Treasure Talk: Menu, Search, Image, Recall
Fiber Optic Back Light
Auto Ground Balance
Fast Track Ground Balance
Treasure Track Ground Balance
Auto Threshold Retuning
Manual Threshold Adjustment

 Made in USA

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GTI 2500 PRO

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 28 x 14 x 6 in